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Did you know that one of the most common causes of water damage occurs when people are out of the house and a hose to their washing machine bursts? Check the condition of the hoses. Changing to non-bursting hoses on the washer is relatively cheap and easy. There are many hose manufacturers with extensive warranties on their hoses that Beacon can provide and install for you. The incoming line to your washing machine is under constant pressure (if you leave the line turned on when not in use) so a hose that will burst is really just a matter of time. This especially true if you live in a home with high water pressure (PSI). There are many neighborhoods in the Puget Sound area that are well known for PSI in excess of 80 pounds/square/inch. If you live in such a neighborhood, call Beacon to find out what can be done, such as installing a pressure reducing valve (PRV). High PSI can also create problems for your water heater, so the next time Beacon is at your home, your technician will be happy to take the PSI for your home.

Knowing WHERE the Electric Butterfly Valve is located in your house can save you from extensive, and expensive, water damage occurring. Often, the shut off valve is located in your garage where your water service line enters your home. The water service line runs from your water meter to your home. Once you locate the shut off valve, conspicuously mark it or paint it a bright color. Show your family members where the Pneumatic Butterfly Valve is so if something happens when you're not home, they can help prevent further damage. Our technicians will tag your shut off valve for free when they visit your home as part of our unmatched customer service.
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Shut off valve


Vatac is a dynamic & leading valve manufacturer delivering innovative solutions to customers in engineering industries. Our primary goal is to provide a unique solution for the services of Oil, Gas, Nuclear, Refinery, Chemical, Marine, Potable Water, Waste Water, Sewage, Power Station and Pipeline Industries.
As an USA based international brand which has been well registered in many famous industrial countries like USA, Germany, Italy and China. Vatac today possess over 700,000 square feet manufacturing facilities and over three hundred employees. Through its conviction to provide only the finest quality products and services to match the need of our customers, Vatac has established itself as one of the leading active player in the valves industry.
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